I'm a Producer and Project Manager, a former graphics designer and marketing director, and a graduate of DigiPen Institute of Technology. I've always been ridiculously passionate about games and love making them even more then I love playing them. I'm an avid disciple of the power of play.

In my role as Producer and Project Manager, it is my firm belief that I am there to serve many masters -- supporting the team in ensuring clarity of purpose and sorting through the myriad tasks required to provide clear direction and leadership; supporting the project by assessing risk, controlling scope and identifying potential problems before they can interfere with the project's health; and supporting clear communication between all of the key stakeholders of a project to ensure all needs are met.

Being a Producer is a labor of love -- by empowering talented and passionate individuals to do their best work, together we can make brilliant ideas come to life.

Let's get a game together.

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