Some of the games I've worked on in the past.

Xbox Avatars

I joined Microsoft as a Project Manager III, brought in to take over the content team on the Xbox Avatars project. I worked directly with artists, animators and technical artists, engineers and designers to create an optimized asset pipeline, assess and triage the backlog and create a working method to allow us to predict and manage the necessary assets and tools in order to prepare the product for it’s successful launch in October 2018.

State of Decay 2

I was brought onto the team at Undead Labs on a short-term contract to assist the Production Team as a Consulting Associate Producer to assist with preparing State of Decay 2 for launch. In that role I created productivity analysis tools, worked closely with QA to develop planning tools and optimize workflow, and led strike teams to help ensure the smooth launch of the studio's next big title in early 2018.

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is a game about using groundbreaking technologies to explore the ocean in more meaningful ways than have ever been attempted, and is being developed using the same inclusive development methodology as Never Alone <Kisima Ingitchuna>, partnering with world-class oceanographers and explorers.

I was fortunate enough to be part of this team as Producer through much of the game's pre-production process.

Never Alone <Kisima Ingitchuna>

I served as Producer on Never Alone <Kisima Ingitchuna> from early prototypes through its initial launch in November 2014 on Steam for Windows and Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, with later releases on Steam for Linux, PS3, Wii U and Nvidia Shield, as well as a re-designed version (Never Alone: Ki Edition) on iOS and Android devices.


  • 2015 BAFTA: Best Debut (winner)

  • 2015 BAFTA: Best Games Story (nominee)

  • 2015 Games For Change: Game of the Year (winner)

  • 2015 Games for Change: Most Impact (winner)

  • 2015 SXSW Gaming Awards: Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation Award (nominee)

  • 2014 Destructoid: PAX Prime Editor's Choice (winner)

More about Never Alone:

Never Alone: Foxtales

In July 2015 we released Never Alone: Foxtales, an expansion for Never Alone, on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One and included three new levels, five new Cultural Insight videos to unlock and a whole new story based on "The Coastal Brothers, as told by Willie Goodwin, Sr. I served as the Producer for the entire development from initial concept through release and post-release support.

Cat in the Hat: Gravity-A-Boing-Boing

cat in the hat - gravity thumb.png

Cat in the Hat: Gravity-A-Boing-Boing was an educational game for young audiences developed in Flash and published on in 2013. I served as Producer and Content Designer.

Cat in the Hat: Leafylafoo Roundup

Cat in the Hat: Leafylafoo Round-Up was an educational game about shape, color and size recognition developed in Flash for interactive whiteboards and published on in 2013. I served as Producer and Content Designer.

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Royal Royal Rescue

dora royal rescue.png

Dora's Royal Rescue was a platforming adventure game for young audiences, created in Flash and published on in 2012. I served as Producer and Level Designer.

Team Umizoomi's Umi Games: Mighty Bike Race

umizooomi bike race.png

Team Umizoomi's Umi Games: Mighty Bike Race was an educational side-scrolling racing game developed in Flash and published on in 2012. I served as Producer and Level Designer.

Salvage Youth

Salvage Youth was a student project I led as Producer during my senior year at DigiPen. I recruited and managed a team of six artists, two designers and two programmers, with additional "contracted" support from other students as needed. Salvage Youth was awarded Best Senior Game in the end-of-year DigiPen Game Awards in 2012.

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