Other Stuff I Do

Sharkman Mini cutout.png

In my spare time I have dozens of hobbies and interests, and am always throwing myself into new projects in order to learn new skills. Below is a loose collection of the various things I've built, projects I'm toying around with and other stuff I've remembered to document along the way.

Digital and Traditional Art

I've drawn since I was old enough to hold a crayon, and as I've grown I've learned to ways of making marks on paper or screen in pursuit of the joy of art. Below are a few of the pieces I've done over the years.


When I was a student at DigiPen Institute of Technology, I studied animation for film and games. I'm not a great animator, but it's a ton of fun that I thoroughly enjoy. Below are a few pieces I created during my time in school. 


One of my favorite hobbies is playing tabletop games with my friends. It combines so many of my interests naturally -- games, storytelling, collaboration and model building. I am frequently the Dungeon Master for our (far-too-infrequent) games of Dungeons and Dragons, and am constantly building new setpieces, modular dungeon tiles, sculpting and painting miniatures and learning new skills in order to pull off cool new spectacles for the next session.